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Falcon Windows Apprentice Ben Passes with Flying Colours

True to the Falcon Windows motto ‘flying high on quality’, we’re all so proud of fledgling window fitter, Ben Godfrey, who has not just passed his apprenticeship with us, but passed it with distinction!

He's following a family tradition in more ways than one and already has a following of happy customers...


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How to Minimise the Risk of Mould and Condensation: Trickle Vents Explained

We all want our homes to be warm, dry and draft-free and to keep our energy bills in check. But in sealing air leaks in or around windows and doors, it’s important not to overlook the ongoing need for good ventilation. 

Ventilating rooms properly is extremely important for preventing condensation and unhealthy and harmful mould or mildew growth. 

Trickle vents provide the answer - but what are trickle vents and how do they work?   

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Falcon Windows: Home is where the office is…

Home improvement top tips for the creation of home offices from Falcon Windows Ipswich. 

Found yourself working from home? Wish there were a better option than sharing the kitchen table or squeezing a workstation into the more convenient, yet undeniably dark corner under the stairs? 

As many of us consider a future where visits to the office might be balanced – or even replaced – with homeworking, Falcon Windows offers some home improvement tips for the creation of dedicated home offices and multi-functional spaces.   

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The Solid Advantages of Conservatory 'Warm' Roofs

Why are so many people kissing their polycarbonate conservatory roofs goodbye and saying hello to innovative conservatory 'warm' roofing systems like UltraRoof from lightweight roof engineering experts Ultraframe?

What are the real advantages to re-roofing your conservatory with a retro-fitted UltraRoof or LivinRoof ? And what is the difference?

Warm roof installation specialists Falcon Windows Ipswich - serving conservatory customers from Stowmarket Suffolk to Colchester in Essex, - provide some expert answers to frequently asked warm roof retro-fit questions.     


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Falcon Windows Ipswich - Weatherboarding Installers Suffolk

Weatherboards – the clue’s in the name. If you’re looking to give your property extra protection from the elements, having cladding fitted to your home by professional weatherboarding installers in Suffolk, Falcon Windows could be the peace of mind – and smart home make-over – you are looking for.

Let us introduce you to HardiePlank weatherboarding - a superb timber-look-alike or stylish, clean and contemporary design improvement to your home.

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Bow Window Stowmarket

Falcon Windows installed a 4-part bow window in Stowmarket along with the rest of the windows in the property. The customer was extremely happy with the finish which we achieved.

At Falcon we have many years of experience installing replacement bow windows and multi-part bay windows which were at their height of popularity in the 1950s. 

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Fitting Cat-flaps Ipswich - Is a flap-door suitable for my pet?

Cat-flaps and dog-flaps can enrich a pet’s life. But choosing and fitting the right ‘entrance door’ for your four-legged friend can be a concern. The animal-loving team at Falcon Windows have over 35 years’ experience to share with pet owners in and around Ipswich, Felixstowe and Stowmarket.

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Choosing a Conservatory Warm Roof - Important questions to ask

Adding a warm roof to your conservatory can be a sound investment. Choose an innovative, light-weight roofing technology like SupaLite and it will not only have sound-proofing and impressive thermal capacities, but it makes your conservatory a year-round living space.

Find out why some 'wrap-around' style tiled roof offers on the market could prove tempting, yet ultimately dangerous.     

Falcon Windows Ipswich - experienced installers of conservatory warm roofs - share some top tips to help make informed decisions regarding your choice of warm roof systems and installers. 

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Falcon Windows help Ipswich firm toughen up

Burglaries of any kind are an unpleasant business, but Falcon Windows Ipswich can act quickly to help pick up the pieces. An Ipswich company knew exactly who to call for emergency glazing repairs when their commercial premises was broken into.

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Weatherboarding in Suffolk

Falcon Windows Ipswich offer a range of roofline and home improvement services across Suffolk. 

Yellow weather-boarding was installed to an entire property in Suffolk. 

Recently innovative cement-fibre technologies have brought cladding and weatherboarding into a new age - so if you think you'd like to give your Suffolk property a New England look and say goodbye to painting exterior walls, read on !  

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See a Falcon Ipswich conservatory built before your very eyes

From imperfect patio to comfortable conservatory in just 9 minutes

Falcon Windows customer, Christine Bullen, just couldn't resist recording the installation of her conservatory. Rather than just take a few snaps along the way, she decided to create a freeze-frame slide show taken automatically throughout the whole build period.

The Falcon Windows team found themselves the stars of the show. Now that you can witness 8 days' hardwork in just 9 minutes,  they didn't realise that they could work so quickly!

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Canopies & Car Ports - Get covered for winter or summer!

There's no shadow of a doubt...

A polycarbonate canopy from Falcon Windows Ipswich can be a great investment for your home or commercial property. From patio pagodas and covered play areas  to caravan or car ports, bike parks to smoking shelters, Falcon's very own Ipswich polycarbonate division has the expertise to give you the cover you're really looking for.

And these days, you can even colour your canopy beautiful...

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Stable doors - Versatile, Practical & Secure

You don't have to be born in a barn to have a stable door in your property...

Or live in the countryside even! Stable doors are a great way to have the door (part-) shut and let the sunlight and fresh air come flooding in. Fantastic too for keeping pets or little ones safely inside (or out!).

For urban or country living in Suffolk, Essex or beyond, stable doors are a popular choice for more than just back doors.

So with stable doors making more of an entrance these days...

What about security?

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Falcon Double Glazing Ipswich

Are you looking for a reputable double glazing company?

Ever struggled to find a good reputable window company? Has anyone ever asked if you know a good double glazing company?

Word of mouth is always a good start. Looking on the internet to search for recommended and reputable local double glazing and conservatory companies is another.

But what exactly should you be looking for? 

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Love your conservatory? Show it some TLC.

Falcon Windows - conservatory care, repairs & maintenance. 

Leaks, knocks, wear and tear - no matter how careful you are with your conservatory, orangerie or garden room, it's a good idea to keep on top of the maintenance of your investment and Falcon Windows are here to help.

Just by giving your conservatory a bit of TLC and acting in a timely fashion immediately you spot any potential damage, you can keep it in the best possible condition. Get ahead on issues from slipped panels and defective jack spars to choked-up gutters and valleys which can lead to niggling leaks and long term damage.

Don't wait until your conservatory has been in the wars from a falling roof tile, lawn-mower mishap or freak hailstorm.

From conservatory repairs to prevention and emergency action, see how Falcon Windows Ipswich can help .  

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Condensation - Keep it under control

Are you constantly wiping condensation off the windows in your Suffolk home?

Four people in a 3-bedroom house create an amazing 112 pints of humidity a week from breathing and activities like boiling the kettle, cooking and showering !  

Left untreated condensation can cause damp patches, potentially health-threatening mould and even structural damage.

Perhaps it's time to think about ventilation around your property?

Falcon Windows Ipswich offers some top tips for helping to minimise the risk of condensation levels in your home.  

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