Warm Roofs

Falcon Windows: Home is where the office is…

Home improvement top tips for the creation of home offices from Falcon Windows Ipswich. 

Found yourself working from home? Wish there were a better option than sharing the kitchen table or squeezing a workstation into the more convenient, yet undeniably dark corner under the stairs? 

As many of us consider a future where visits to the office might be balanced – or even replaced – with homeworking, Falcon Windows offers some home improvement tips for the creation of dedicated home offices and multi-functional spaces.   

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The Solid Advantages of Conservatory 'Warm' Roofs

Why are so many people kissing their polycarbonate conservatory roofs goodbye and saying hello to innovative conservatory 'warm' roofing systems like UltraRoof from lightweight roof engineering experts Ultraframe?

What are the real advantages to re-roofing your conservatory with a retro-fitted UltraRoof or LivinRoof ? And what is the difference?

Warm roof installation specialists Falcon Windows Ipswich - serving conservatory customers from Stowmarket Suffolk to Colchester in Essex, - provide some expert answers to frequently asked warm roof retro-fit questions.     


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Choosing a Conservatory Warm Roof - Important questions to ask

Adding a warm roof to your conservatory can be a sound investment. Choose an innovative, light-weight roofing technology like SupaLite and it will not only have sound-proofing and impressive thermal capacities, but it makes your conservatory a year-round living space.

Find out why some 'wrap-around' style tiled roof offers on the market could prove tempting, yet ultimately dangerous.     

Falcon Windows Ipswich - experienced installers of conservatory warm roofs - share some top tips to help make informed decisions regarding your choice of warm roof systems and installers. 

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