Falcon Windows help Ipswich firm toughen up

Burglaries of any kind are an unpleasant business, but Falcon Windows Ipswich can act quickly to help pick up the pieces.

An Ipswich company knew exactly who to call for emergency glazing repairs when their commercial premises was broken into and the toughened glass in their business entrance doors were left shattered and in a state.  

The Ipswich commercial unit in Suffolk where the smash-and-grab burglary took place has glass doors and only two years ago, following a similar break-in, Falcon Windows were engaged to re-install quality toughened glass, but regrettably the property was a target for thieves once again.

As soon as the police forensics had completed their work, the Falcon team were on site to clear up the thousands of scattered pieces of shattered glass from the broken toughened glass pane and install a replacement laminated pane to the door.

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“It was 6 mm toughened, grey anti-sun glass so when it was shattered, the glass went everywhere,” explains Eamon Sheppard from Falcon Windows.

“After clearing up, we installed a new laminated panel and arranged for it to be filmed inside the following day with the correct grey tint to match up.”

Developments in technologies mean that new glass products are coming onto the market all the time and at Falcon Windows, Eamon and his team ensure that they are up to date with new glazing products and technologies to be able to deliver the most appropriate glazing solution and best service to their clients.

Glazing for commercial properties and the residential market is being created with increased levels of security in mind. For this reason, it’s always a good idea when replacing glass panes for whatever reason, to consider upgrading to new, more efficient products.

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“We advised installing laminated glass this time and the film helps to prevent mess if the pane is damaged in the future at all. We did also suggest that they consider upgrading their alarm system and we are pleased that they are looking into this for further peace of mind in the future.”

If you are a commerical property owner worried about the glazing security of your Ipswich business premises and looking to upgrade your showroom windows or doors for added peace of mind, do get in touch with Eamon at Falcon Windows »  


Falcon Windows help Ipswich firm toughen up

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