'WarmCore' Bi-folding Doors - Bi-fold Doors in Ipswich, Suffolk

WarmCore Bi Folding Doors

Falcon Windows: the installer of choice in WarmCore warm aluminium bi-folding doors and windows in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex.

WarmCore is a pioneering aluminum folding sliding door system ideal for residential and commercial properties now available for installation by Falcon Windows Ipswich.

It incorporates a radically different product design which delivers a new, high performance framing solution for windows and doors -'warm aluminum'.

This truly innovative aluminium folding sliding door system installed by Falcon Windows Ipswich gives unique and unrivalled thermal performance. That means real comfort for you in your home, all year round - and potential cost savings too.

WarmCore Bi Folding Doors

How does WarmCore work?

Precision-manufactured with a high quality surface finish combined with slim sight lines, aluminium has become the material of choice for premium folding sliding door applications.

WarmCore aluminium doors go steps beyond this and utilize a composite of materials to guarantee serious energy efficiency. The aluminium/PVC-u combination makes the most of the PVC-u thermal reinforcing and uses aluminium as the visible, stylish and robust exterior frame material. This combines efficiency and aesthetics, giving our customers product to be proud of.

What's more, every single component of the system has been designed intuitively with impressive attention to detail, then it has been prototyped, tooled, trialed, installed and meticulously tested.

The result is an innovative "warm aluminium" frame construction, carefully dimensioned to offer an optimized 70mm front-to-back overall sash frame depth. This ensures that the frames can be multi-chambered in their construction for maximum strength and insulation, delivering a slimline stylish design and first class thermal performance.

Security & comfort all year round

WarmCore Bi Folding Doors

PAS24 and Secure by Design (SBD) compatibile WarmCore doors have been independently third party tested by a UKAS laboratory to prove impressive structural strength and security.

Joints, hinges, fixings and locking systems including integral dog-bolt features are all designed with the highest levels of security in mind. In fact, WarmCore systems even come with an ERA "Five-Star" security guarantee against forced entry for up to 10 years - that's just how confident the hardware development partners are in their best-in-class product!

Robust weather seals are an integral part of the totally custom-engineered WarmCore bi-folding door system.

The WarmCore folding sliding door 'leaves' which concertina back to open up the glass wall and extend your space are triple-sealed with contact weather-strip gaskets. This not only eliminates draughts, but ensures superb weather tightness.

Both double glazing (28mm) and triple glazing (44 mm) options are available too which means that not just impressive but truly outstanding thermal performance is a reality, reducing heat loss from your property significantly and saving you money on your heating bills.

Warm-Core information & Door Brochures

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Looking good, feeling warm - and a product that is easy to install too

WarmCore Bi Folding Doors

The sleek, slimline look and clean sightlines, plus the smart frame colours of aluminium bi-fold doors brings a touch of architectural class or 'Grand Designs' to any home. But just because the design is innovative and different, it doesn't mean that this translates into a complicated or lengthy installation process.

WarmCore bi-folding doors have been especially designed to be constructed easily on site, so Falcon Windows installers can carry out a first class job swiftly and with minimum hassle to your household - a combination which keeps our prices competitive within the market place too.

From an installer's perspective, the innovative clip-in bead design makes it easy to glaze the frames without the need for more tricky wedge gaskets. From the consumer's perspective, all round hidden fixings make the frame lines uninterrupted and even cleaner, providing improved aesthetics over regular bi-folding door systems.

There's an ingenious aluminium track design for a quick all-in-one fitting procedure without the need for de-sashing. Plain hinges, pivot roller hinges and espag hinges provide +/- 1mm adjustment to cater for tolerances on site. Single roller and double "pivot" rollers provide +/- 3mm vertical adjustment for precision installation...

Just like the special gasket corner mouldings and custom-designed sash corner blocks, it's the technical attention to detail in these innovative bi-folding door systems which all help to ensure a first class outcome - quality kit, an installation at your home to the very highest standard and an impressive level of ongoing operational performance.

Single & French WarmCore doors also an option

Traditional French doors and residential doors can both be constructed using the WarmCore system as it comes with the full hinged door set.

The comprehensive range of bi-fold doors also includes all the popular elevational configurations so they can go up to 6 m wide, incorporating seven sashes if required and a mid-rail option is also available.

WarmCore frame colours, profiles, finishes & sills

WarmCore Bi Folding Doors

Falcon Windows Ltd in Ipswich WarmCore windows and bi-folding doors are presently only available in white, cream, black and grey.

WarmCore is available in pencil round, chamferred and square profiles with decorative finishes to suit all tastes. From the rollers to the handles, WarmCore displays a certain elegance of design, translating into a high performance product which looks outstanding.

Sill options include a WarmCore standard threshold with integral sill or standard threshold with an additional 150mm thermally-broken aluminium sill. The Part M compliant low threshold design is thermally-broken aluminium and optional ramps and cover trims can be used internally, externally or both, depending on requirements. Part M compliant low threshold can also be installed without any ramps. This means that flooring can be laid right up to the edges of the threshold or that the threshold can be neatly set into the door to create a flush door level through the doorway.

Visit our Ipswich showroom & see WarmCore for yourself

At Falcon Windows Ipswich we really believe that WarmCore is going to be the next best thing in the bi-folding door and windows sector. Not only is WarmCore creating a strong brand loyalty already, but it is adapting to market demands quickly and expanding all options. The motto here has to be 'watch this space' - that's the space which this innovative glass wall technology will create for your home and the quality product, high level of service, future-focused approach which WarmCore are set to deliver.

Do come along to our Falcon Windows Ipswich showrooms on the Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate, Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 0EF and see this innovative product for yourself. We'd be delighted to talk you through all its exciting possibilities for your home.

If you are interested in WarmCore bi-folding doors for your residential or commercial property and would like a free quotation from Falcon Windows please us contact (01473) 288690 for an appointment.

WarmCore Bi Folding Doors

Aluminium Bi-folding Doors