P-shaped Conservatories

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Falcon Windows has decades of experience and expertise in building robust and high quality P-shaped conservatories in Ipswich and Suffolk.

A P-shaped conservatory is a great way of creating additional space for your home by extending into the garden. They tend to be best suited to larger properties and feature a side projection (the 'P' shape). A similar design with a central projection is often referred to as a T-shaped conservatory and the L-shaped conservatory is another variation in configuration.

Whatever style you choose, a conservatory of this type is really versatile with lots of combinations possible without the conservatory losing its sense of proportion.

A P-shaped conservatory combining a rectangular lean-to layout with a curved Victorian layout is a popular choice, whereas the L-shape tends to mix rectangular lean-to and square or rectangular Edwardian, Georgian or gable-ended floor plans. The T-shape formula is a great way to make a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory bigger, by adding a central projection with straight or multi-faceted sides.

The conservatory construction features dwarf brick wall basework with slimline framed windows and internal glazing. Shoot bolt locking systems and anti-jemmy bolts are standard on all opening windows and hook locks are also fitted as standard on all doors. Falcon Windows installations use a market- leading roofing system which is lightweight, robust and has impressive all-round thermal performance.

P-shaped conservatories offer a choice of door positions and the quality frame ranges especially selected by the experienced Falcon Windows team are available in a range of finishes including woodgrain and white, rosewood, mahogany, light oak to tie in with the rest of the property.

Require even more room?

Wide-span conservatories or portal conservatories can include a stretch of up to about 6 metres before sub-structure support is required. If you're looking for a large glass extension as a dining area, sun room or fitness room for your home or commercial property, then please just ask the Falcon Windows team. We are able to offer a full planning service to help you formulate your specific requirements.

Falcon Windows Guardian Warm Roofs

Fancy a year-round P-shaped conservatory space?

A recent innovation in conservatory roofing is proving a really big hit with our customers. The Falcon Guardian Warm Roof is an impressively insulated, solid 'warm roof' which will make all or part of your P-shaped conservatory into a proper garden room which you will have no worries about using all.

It's now a real alternative to any conventional polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofing system and looks really great inside and out. The 'slate' or 'tiled' warm roof has an interior ceiling which can accommodate both roof lights and inside spotlights.

Basework for P-shaped conservatories

Your P-shaped conservatory from Falcon Windows will be constructed to a precise specification to meet your requirements exactly. If your property requires an additional level of privacy at any angle, the dwarf walls of the basework can be extended height-wise and topped with skylight frames.

Each installation includes the 'basework' - dwarf walls either with a brick face or plastered finish inside, insulation, damp proof course. A screed cement floor is finished ready for tiling, carpeting or the addition of laminate flooring.

Why not let Falcon Windows Ipswich take care of your P-shaped conservatory build from start to total finish? We offer a one-stop-shop service where we will deliver on everything from the conservatory installation to fitting heated or regular flooring, adding the electrics, doing the plumbing and even sorting out any blinds. Extra quotations are prepared for all additional work and our prices are competitive, representing good value for money. Wouldn't it be great to know that everything is in one set of reliable local hands?

Glazing, foils & finishes for P-shaped conservatories

Heavy duty 'wonder board' is Falcon's material of choice for all internal window boards on P-shaped conservatories. Glazing options and glass designs including decorative glass panels are also available.

After-care for your P-shaped conservatory

All after-care requests are followed through in a timely and appropriate fashion, thanks to our well-developed office systems. And dont forget that P-shaped conservatories from Falcon Windows Ipswich come with an insurance-backed, comprehensive 10 year warranty.

Falcon Maintenance offers a full maintenance service for your P-shaped conservatory, should there be a need for the repair or replacement of any guttering, door or window handles, locks or broken or misted glazed units.

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