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Falcon Windows' polycarbonates division - Ipswich Polycarbonates - supplies polycarbonate in all sizes and glazing bars for all conservatories, car ports, patio canopies, pergolas and verandahs.

Our polycarbonate sheeting and supplies service is available to the general public and tradesmen in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex.

Falcon Window polycarbonate supplies Ipswich can service all requirements for the installation of roofing materials, from lead flashing right through to the plastic end closures that run into the gutter.At Falcon Windows, we are straight-talking and won't blind with unnecessary levels of technical jargon or detail, advising in layman's terms to make ordering easy.

Our offer:

  • Polycarbonate materials and accessories at very competitive rates
  • Free survey service available on request
  • Useful advisory service on all polycarbonate materials and glazing accessories
  • Quick, efficient quotation service (includes quotations over the phone)
  • Easy ordering in language you can understand
  • Delivery of polycarbonate orders (if required) to Suffolk or Essex addresses within 2 to 3 days.

The Benefits of Polycarbonate

The polycarbonate group of thermoplastic polymers are an attractive alternative to regular glazing materials. Lightweight, yet robust; impact and weather resistant, yet great at light transmission too, polycarbonate is available in curved or flat sheet panels with many multi-wall thicknesses and coating options for different applications. These coatings together with solar-reflective inserts make light-weight polycarbonate a real contender when it comes to the control of UV too.

  • Light weight
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Class 1 BS 476/7 Fire rating
  • Weather resistant
  • Blocks 99% of UV radiation
  • Superb thermal insulation with "U" values as low as 1.2

Types of Polycarbonate Sheeting/ Panels

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

For maximum light transmission - Clear multi-wall polycarbonate

  • 4mm, 6mm,10mm Twin Wall
  • 16mm Triple Wall
  • 25mm, 32mm, 35mm X-Lite
Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

For protection from sun glare - Bronze-tint multi-wall polycarbonate

  • 10mm Twin Wall
  • 16mm Triple Wall
  • 25mm, 32mm, 35mm X-Lite
Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

For privacy and protection from sun glare - Opal-tint multi-wall polycarbonate

  • 10mm Twin Wall
  • 16mm Triple Wall
  • 25mm, 32mm, 35mm X-Lite

Top of the range all round - Blue IR ST 35mm 7-wall polycarbonate

  • 7-wall polycarbonate
  • 1.2u value of heat retention
  • Active IR co-extrusion layer filters light's IR wavelength unlike traditional polycarbonate sheeting, so that air molecules in the room remain unheated, resulting in cooler temperatures ( by up to 7 deg C.) in summer.

Combination Polycarbonate Sheets / Panels for improved overall performance

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

Bronze (outer) Opal (inner)-tint multi-wall polycarbonate - keeping glare at bay, yet reflecting internal natural light . Sheet structures include : 25mm, 32mm, 35mm X-Lite

Heatguard/Opal tint multi-wall polycarbonate - reducing the solar transmission by up to 50% compared to standard tint material, with excellent shading properties, yet reflecting internal natural light . Dual colour sheet with a co-extruded heat reflective layer in the outer surface. Sheet structures include : 25mm, 32mm, 35mm X-Lite

Polycarbonate Colours Available

Click here to download details of the coloured plastic, acrylics and polycarbonates we can supply.

Polycarbonates Installation - Key components - Timber & Steel Supported Systems

There's more to a polycarbonate roof than just the roof sheeting itself! At Falcon Windows we can not only help you with the design and styling for your polycarbonate structure, but you can rest assured that we have selected top quality frames, fixings and component parts to deliver a robust and well-finished structure to complement your home or business.

Don't forget that all polycarbonate installations from Falcon Windows Ipswich polycarbonate division come with a full 2 year warranty for real peace of mind.

'Snap-down' Glazing Bar System

For simple mono-pitch roofs such as car ports, porches and gazebos, the 'snap-down' glazing bar range is a cost effective solution. Available in white and brown the three position cap system caters for 10mm - 16mm and 25mm polycarbonate. A separate bar is available for 25-35mm polycarbonate applications.

Snap tight Rafter Bar

Snap tight Rafter Bar

Falcon Windows Water Butts

Cross Section of Bar

Falcon Windows Water Butts

Aluminium "F" Section Profile

PVC-u Capped Rafter Bar

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

A strong, lightweight, easy to fit rafter supported glazing bar that accommodates 10mm, 16mm and 25mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting. Highly flexible it is ideal for most applications.

Key Features

  • Single Bar accommodates three popular sheet thicknesses
  • Recessed grooves in base provides secured housing for sealed gasket and PVC-u edge trim
  • Co-extruded lip on cap provides for water-tight finish whilst permitting thermal expansion of sheet.
  • Includes attractive snap-on end cap
  • Available in a large range of sizes including 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 5m and 6m lengths
  • Compatible with both the Living Space and Sun-wood range of closures
  • Available in white or brown

Aluminium Capped Rafter Bar

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

A robust, maintenance free glazing bar that accommodates all popular thicknesses of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting. Highly adaptable, it is ideal where extreme variations in temperature are experienced.

Key Features

  • Quality aluminium capping with powder-coated finish
  • Full width TPR gasket for application directly onto roof timbers
  • Recessed groove in aluminium cap provides secure housing for TPR sealing gaskets
  • Snap-on end cover provides neat finish without screw holes

Sun-wood Aluminium Rafter Main Bar

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

Available in both 50mm and 60mm wide variants, the Sun wood rafter main bar is manufacturered from resilient powder coated aluminium and has a streamlined appearance with the fixings secured underneath the cover cap. Suitable for use with both multiwall polycarbonate and glass (including soft coat glass).

  • Available in brown and white powder-coated aluminium
  • Sold in 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m lengths
  • Gasket has a removable central pip if not used with 3mm groove
  • Stainless steel screws included
  • End caps sold separately

Polycarbonate Roofing Samples

Polycarbonate Roof & Conservatory Cleaning Service

Conservatory Cleaning service in ipswich and Suffolk Stowmarket and Felixstowe

Once you've replaced your polycarbonate panels, or had a new polycarbonate roof, canopy or car port structure put in place by expert installers Falcon Windows Ipswich, you’re sure to want to keep it looking clean and smart with some occasional TLC from the Falcon Maintenance team.

Why not ask us about the polycarbonate roof and conservatory cleaning service offered by Falcon to customers throughout Ipswich, Felixstowe Stowmarket, Suffolk and north Essex?

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Polycarbonate Replacement Roofs & Roofing Installation Service

Do you have a small lean-to shed or covered way with an aging polycarbonate roof? Or a large-scale polycarbonate 'greenhouse' structure covering your swimming pool which needs attention? Falcon Windows Ipswich Polycarbonates Division can help there too.

Even though polycarbonate sheeting has a considerable life-span, it may become brittle over time. What's more, polycarbonate technologies are constantly improving, delivering even better more efficient products which maybe better suited to your specific needs. If you have a structure with polycarbonate roofing sheets which need replacing, Falcon Windows can quickly survey your site and not only give a quotation, but share genuine advice about latest polycarbonate replacement products, their pros and cons and how sound the structure itself is for the renovation or refurbishment.

We can advise on solutions to meet you needs - a swimming pool building will want to keep the heat in to warm the water perhaps, whereas it might be desirable for a garden shed to keep cooler inside or, if it is located near trees, to be easy to clean and strong enough to take knocks from falling conkers!

Falcon Windows have the experience to help you consider design, the most appropriate polycarbonate roofing materials, fittings and accessories, all with your budget in mind - and we can carry out the polycarbonate replacement roof job for you too .

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Case Studies

A polycarbonate roof in Woodbridge, Suffolk which we completely replaced. The photos below show the progression of the job.

The replacement of polycarbonate sheeting in a swimming pool enclosure in Ufford, Suffolk.