Roofline Services from Falcon Windows

Roofline Services from Falcon Windows

Fascias, soffits, bargeboards and cladding, - ask any resident of Ipswich, Colchester Essex or Suffolk and they're sure to confirm, that roofline products are all at risk from the weather. High up on the property and often tricky to access due to adjacent properties, trees or planting, they can often be very difficult to maintain due to their position.

At Falcon Windows, we can solve this problem by replacing rotting wooden roofline products with brand new equivalents in high quality, long lasting PVC-u.

Sounds familiar?

Season after season, year after year, the weather attacks the exterior woodwork on your home, especially in those difficult to reach areas around the roof and behind the guttering.

And every two or three years, the prospect comes around of endless hours on a ladder, getting up there, rubbing down, patching, filling, undercoating and repainting. Of course, there's the option of paying someone to do it - and all the inherent costs. If you've ever thought that there must a better way to keep your home looking good, then you're right... Well-fitted, high quality plastic roofline products offer the perfect solution.

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Roofline ranges & installation through Falcon Windows

The 'Free Foam' range is our roofline product range of choice at Falcon Windows as they offer high quality PVC-u roofline fascias, soffits & cladding which are virtually maintenance free. Forget ladders and long weekends spent patching up and painting your roofline and cladding - one call to Falcon Windows Ltd will make all this a thing of the past.

Falcon Windows Bargeboards

The Falcon team are meticulous in the installation of new u-PVC roofline components and fascias. First if all, the old or rotting fascias will generally be totally removed and replaced with 18mm jumbo PVC-u boards. For the replacement to take place, the roof tiles have to be lifted up 2-3 tiles. Once existing felt is lifted, metre long, vented under-eaves support trays-cum-bird guards are installed. Finally the tiles can be re-laid down on top, with any gable verges being re-cemented where required.

Upon removal of existing roofline products such as fascia boards, should additional work be necessary (replacing rotten timbers; realigning joist timbers etc), Falcon Windows reserves the right to charge additional labour at £25 per hour per man.

Give your roof a brighter future with a roof lantern

Falcon Windows Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are an increasingly popular way to brighten up any dull flat-roof extension and let the light flood in.

At Falcon Windows, we offer a range of robust and attractive aluminium roof lantern solutions which use market-leading technologies to ensure that your bright new addition is wonderfully well insulated and even self-cleaning too!

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