The Solid Advantages of Conservatory 'Warm' Roofs

Why are so many people kissing their polycarbonate conservatory roofs goodbye and saying hello to innovative conservatory 'warm' roofing systems like UltraRoof from lightweight roof engineering experts Ultraframe?

What are the real advantages to re-roofing your conservatory with a retro-fitted UltraRoof or LivinRoof ? And what is the difference?

Warm roof installation specialists Falcon Windows Ipswich - serving conservatory customers from Stowmarket Suffolk to Colchester in Essex, - provide some expert answers to frequently asked warm roof retro-fit questions.     


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See a Falcon Ipswich conservatory built before your very eyes

From imperfect patio to comfortable conservatory in just 9 minutes

Falcon Windows customer, Christine Bullen, just couldn't resist recording the installation of her conservatory. Rather than just take a few snaps along the way, she decided to create a freeze-frame slide show taken automatically throughout the whole build period.

The Falcon Windows team found themselves the stars of the show. Now that you can witness 8 days' hardwork in just 9 minutes,  they didn't realise that they could work so quickly!

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